Brian MacShane was born and raised against a native bush setting in Australia.

This environment was instrumental in forming his interest in creating sculptural assemblages, using natural or manufactured, often discarded objects, sourced from collecting forays.


MacShane’s deep-rooted passion for collecting and arranging developed when his father, who died when he was seven, left him a series of unfinished collections. His father, who was a surveyor, was responsible for opening up vast expanses of Western Australia during the mining boom in the early 1970s. Seen as intrepid explorer by the young MacShane, he would be away for long periods, often bringing back found items from the remote desert.

This cut-short, early relationship, influences much of MacShane’s work.


Moving to East London in 2000 has influenced MacShane’s bold, artistic style. This combination of rural and urban influences, creates a unique narrative in his work and this connection, opens up many opportunities.